Couple No Longer Suspected in Credit Card Theft

Couple No Longer Suspected in Credit Card Theft

Police say confusion led to the wrong identification of a St. Joseph couple as credit card thieves.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The St. Joseph Police Department says they are no longer considering two individuals identified in surveillance video as suspects in a stolen credit card case.

The couple in the video, Scott Caw and his girlfriend Aerielle Richey, contacted KQ2 Monday night to say that while they were the two persons in the video, they knew nothing about any stolen credit cards.

A detective working the case said there was evidence Caw and Richey had used a stolen credit card in a Redbox machine that had been previously been taken from a purse inside a car at the East Hills mall

However, police now say there was a problem with the internal clock with the Redbox machine, which led to confusion about when the card was actually used.

"It definitely feels better now that our names are cleared," Caw said. "At the same time, the damage has already been done. We've been labeled as thieves. No matter how they try to retract it, there will still be people out there that look at it."

Police say Caw and Richey were cooperative in getting it cleared up.

Caw says he has contacted an attorney and says police should have been more careful before accusing him and his girlfriend of theft.
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