Dangerously Cold Temperatures Settle In

Dangerously Cold Temperatures Settle In

We began Thursday with a low temperature of -13.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The snow fell pretty much the way we knew it would.

The cold air came in soon after.

Now the extremely cold air has settled in; we woke up to a low temperature of -13 Thursday morning.

We are lucky the wind wasn't as high as it could have been, or wind chill values would have been even worse.

Still, -13 is the coldest low we've recorded so far in 2014, and it's worth noting that it will remain very cold through the rest of the day.

Cold air prevails through most of the extended forecast.

I've had some questions about the potential for light snow on Saturday. That day doesn't look that productive, but we could see a dusting from that activity.

There is a more significant chance for snow on Monday, and we'll keep an eye on that as well.
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