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Deputies Make Room for New Armored Tank

The Buchanan County Sheriff's Department is making room for a new piece of protection --- a massive armored vehicle.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The Buchanan County Sheriff's Department made room for a new piece of protection --- a massive armored vehicle.

It is a 46,000 pound Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle, MRAP for short

Despite the high price of more than $700,000,  it was free and taxpayers did not pay a dime.
Deputies plan to use the tank in rescue situations. For example, if someone is shot and stuck in a line of fire, they will drive the truck to the scene to rescue the injured person.

"You may be approaching a house from half a mile away that has absolutely no neighbors, and is in the middle of a corn field. So, if a situation were to arise, it gives them some comfort," said Capt. Tiger Parsons. "It also should give the public some comfort because if we have something, heaven forbid it happen, totally out of control where we have an active shooter and we have citizens down, they can take comfort in knowing that we can get to them and we can get them," he said.

All deputies will learn how to use the truck, and it will be available to them when needed.

Capt. Parsons said it will not be driven much; probably fewer than 200 miles a year.

The St. Joseph Police Department also has a new armored vehicle.

The $300,000 tank replaced one that is 43 years old, and according to the department, it is unreliable and inoperable.
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