Dog Show Brings Big Money to St. Joseph

Dog Show Brings Big Money to St. Joseph

The St. Joseph Kennel Club's Dog Show brought close to one thousand dogs to the Civic Arena.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The weather didn't stop pups from showing off their skills at a dog show on Saturday, but it did almost force them to postpone it.

The St. Joseph Kennel Club held its annual Dog Show.

Nearly one-thousand dogs, from as far as Alaska, made their way to St. Joseph's Civic Arena.

The Kennel Club said hosting the show in St. Joseph, brings in a lot of money for the community.

"We have a lot of hotel rooms that are used in St. Joseph, a lot of money goes to restaurants. Usually, a dog show brings in a quart of a million dollars to the economy," said Dale Hunsburger.

There's seven different groups of showing for the dogs.

The Kennel Club has two dog shows a year.
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