Education Reform Measure Continues to Stir Emotion

Education Reform Measure Continues to Stir Emotion

A local man is upset by the petition seeker's actions on Monday.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A campaign to collect signatures for an education reform measure continues to stir emotions in St. Joseph.

KQ2 has been contacted by several people approached to sign a petition to get the measure on a Missouri ballot in November.

Some say those working to collect signatures are offering misleading information.

One man, who didn't want to be identified, says he was even confronted at a local store.

"The gentleman that's doing the petition starts yelling across the parking lot, come on back up here and see what happens to you," the St. Joseph man told KQ2. "Of course I got aggravated and started exchanging words, next thing I know I'm told, I'm un-American, I'm a Nazi."

He says the petitioners did not have the information with them, but rather just wanted signatures.

A spokesperson from the group behind the statewide petition, Teach Great, says they hire both volunteers and paid employees to gather signatures.

The spokesperson said he is completely shocked by the allegations and all signature seekers are trained to be respectful and knowledgeable about the measure.

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