Electric Crews Work to Restore Power in Brown County

Electric Crews Work to Restore Power in Brown County

Crews spent the day Wednesday in Brown County cleaning up fallen utility poles after strong storms ripped through the area.
(HIAWATHA, Kan.)  Westar Energy utility crews were ready to spring into action as soon as strong storms moved out of northeast Kansas.

Lineman from across the state started getting calls around 3:30 Wednesday morning with news they would be working around the Hiawatha area cleaning up and repairing downed utility poles.

Crews traveled as long as three hours to get to the scene that had seen 70 mile per hour winds rip through just hours before.

Residents who had taken cover when the worst of the storm was passing through found quite the scene when they came out of hiding.

"I couldn't believe it," said Pat Aller, who lives just south of Hiawatha. It was just something to see. All the poles came down. It just looked like a domino effect. One went down and the others went too.

Aller said she lost power in her home around 11 p.m. Tuesday night when a severe thunderstorm moved through.

"My son and I went to the basement and I crawled in a little closet," Aller said. "I didn't know anything until six o'clock this morning when I looked out."

What Aller saw was a string of 14 utility poles down along the street in front of her house, stretching for more than half a mile.

Around 30 linemen were needed for the job, who vowed to continue working through the evening until all power was restored.

For Aller, it was a quiet day without electricity.

"I can't use the computer," she said. "I can't listen to the radio. I can't wash. So, I've been sorting out some pictures I've been putting out for the kids."

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