Elementary Schools Plunge for Landon

Elementary Schools Plunge for Landon

A friendly competition between Albany and King City raised money for Landon Shaw.
(ALBANY, Mo.)  It's officially gone viral.

Hundreds of people are plunging for Landon Shaw, a Tarkio baby battling cancer.

Two elementary schools have made a competition out of the plunge.

The sixth grade class from Albany Elementary challenged sixth graders from King City Elementary to raise money for Landon.

The classes set a goal of $500.

They met Saturday afternoon in Albany to plunge and announce a winner.

Despite the competition, teachers say it's all in good fun.
"I'm so proud of them," said Jessica Piper, a teacher at Albany. "They just kept bringing money and I'm so proud of the community for coming together for this little boy. We wanted to do it different. We wanted to raise the money beforehand instead of challenging and it turned out perfect." 

"I told them our goal was since Albany's goal was 500, that our goal was 501 and we easily met that by the middle of the week," said King City teacher Darbie Valenti.

The two classes raised just more than $2,000 combined for the Shaw family.

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