Family Celebrates Farm Turning 100

Family Celebrates Farm Turning 100

The Stephens family of Hemple, Mo. celebrated their farm turning one hundred with family and friends on Saturday.
(HEMPLE, Mo.) The old fashioned family farm may be dying, but a Northwest Missouri family celebrated a centennial anniversary for their farm this afternoon.

The Stephens Family of Hemple, Missouri held a celebration to mark 100 years of their 80-acre farm.

Mary Stephens still lives in the home and invited family and friends over to celebrate the milestone.

Stephens' husband lived on the farm for 82 years before dying in 2010.

Mary said she has seen the farm and farming change over the years.

"There's still a few small farmers but not very many because it just got to where you can't make a living on the farm," she said. "Some still do but it's a versatile type."

Stephens said the farm provides a lot of memories and she does not plan on selling it anytime soon.

Soybeans and corn are still grown on the land like they were a hundred years ago.

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