Family Hosts Blood Drive to Honor Father

Family Hosts Blood Drive to Honor Father

Jack Capps died just a few weeks ago and in his memory, his family held a blood drive on Wednesday.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Jack Capps was well known around St. Joe.

"I think probably three quarters of this town has met my dad and knows him at one point in time or another," said Mike Capps, Jack's son.

He taught at Benton High School for 33 years and was active with organizations around town.

A few weeks ago, Jack died after a battle with leukemia, living longer than doctors first thought.

"He was at an age where he could not receive chemotherapy," Mike said. "It would have just killed him."

Blood transfusions allowed him to live an extra two months.

"We were able to get some closure with him, make sure everything was said," Mike said.

But before he died he had an idea of how to give back to those that helped him, a blood drive.

"This is basically dads idea," Mike said. "He wanted to give back what he had received and maybe help a few more people. That was his goal in life."

So to make the biggest impact and reach the most amount of people they set up a blood drive right in the middle of East Hills mall.

"We do these setups because it accommodates everyone so if they're at work or they're on their lunch break they can stop by," said Tammy Wright, with the Community Blood Center.

Wright says holding this blood drive in the summer is useful because of their low numbers.

"Our collections are down just because the summertime," she said. "People are busy on vacations and stuff so it's very important that people come out and donate."

And donate they did. Throughout the day, those who didn't even know Jack, helped out.

"This kind of just fit the mold that dad left for us and we thought we'd carry it on with this," Mike said.

And something that this family hopes will carry on for years to come.

The blood donations that Jack received also allowed him to see his granddaughter get married.

The blood drive falls on what would have been his 54th wedding anniversary.

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