Few Interested in Attending Clean Line Energy Mtg. in Agency

Few Interested in Attending Clean Line Energy Mtg. in Agency

Only one person showed up to ask questions of company officials building an electric transmission line through Buchanan County.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  It was a quiet evening at the Agency Community Center where representatives from Clean Line Energy were there to answer questions about their transmission line project.

Those planning the grain belt Express say only one person showed up over a four hour period to look at the proposed path of the line through Buchanan County.

Grain Belt wants to take electricity generated at a wind farm in western Kansas and transmit it to Indiana.

A path through northwest Missouri has been selected.

"We just think it's really important to meet with as many people involved as possible and get them the right information and meet with the landowners who will be hosting the line and talk to them about compensation and learn about their land and their concerns," said project analyst Eleanor Elbert:

Clean Line has also spent time in Lathrop and Braymor this week talking to residents.

The project has met with some resistance from area landowners who do not want to host the lines.
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