Four-Year-Old Super Hero Crushes Cancer

Four-Year-Old Super Hero Crushes Cancer

<P>Brody Fuller's three year battle with a rare form of cancer will soon be over.</P>

(St. Joseph, Mo.) Four-year-old Brody Fuller is now able to laugh and play with his older brother and sister like any other child his age.

It wasn't always that way. At just 13-months old, Fuller was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. At his yearly wellness check, Fuller's doctor discovered a tumor that wrapped around his intestines and stretched around his heart.

"It was stage three," said mom, Shannon Fuller. "They gave him a 20-percent survival rate."

Several surgeries paired with chemotherapy were draining on the family. "I was sad for Brody," said Fuller's six-year-old sister, Joss.

"It was hard," said older brother, eight-year-old, J.J. "You know, watching him go through all that cancer stuff."

However, the youngest fuller took the disease head on. "I told that cancer to get out of my belly," Brody Fuller said. "It came back and I stomped on it with my shoes. I'm a super hero."

It was earlier this year, the family got the news they'd been waiting for - Fuller's cancer was in remission. "There is still 10-percent left on his heart," Ms. Fuller said. "The doctor said he can live with that there until he is 95."

Once Fuller completes treatment in October, he'll be considered "cured."

Fuller applied to the "Make-a-Wish" foundation, and should be hearing if his wish will be granted sometime soon.

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