Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gas prices continue to climb here in St. Joseph.

Maybe this weather has kept some of you from feeling the pain at the pumps.

Gas prices jumped to well above $3.00 in a short amount of time.
In St. Joseph this weekend, gas is averaging $3.22 per gallon.
That is 23 cents more than last weekend when a gallon cost about $2.99.

Drivers say they are filling up while they can because all signs point to another increase soon.

Robbie Betts, a St. Joseph driver filling up his pick-up truck said, "It is getting to the point where we are all going to have to start commuting. My truck holds 20 gallons of gas. It costs me $67 almost $70 to fill it up. How are we going to survive?"

In Missouri, drivers are paying $3.17 on average for gas.
Nationwide, the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.33.

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