Governor to Decide Fate of Hemp Oil Bill

Governor to Decide Fate of Hemp Oil Bill

The bill would help treat children with epilepsy.

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.) The Missouri House of Representatives sent a legislative proposal to the Governor Jay Nixon's desk aiming to help families treat epilepsy.

House Bill 2238 allows the Department of Agriculture to grow hemp in order for families to use the hemp oil as a way to treat epilepsy.

Commonly referred to as CBD oil, it is extracted from industrial grade hemp and processed into oil.

Currently there is no cure for epilepsy but the usage of CBD oil has proven to be a viable option to treat the devastating seizures associated with epilepsy.

You can go back home to your districts and you can tell people that you have helped children that you have helped parents and realistically you may have even saved lives," said Rep. Mike Colona (D) from St. Louis.

Not just anyone can get CBD oil; the legislation requires individuals to meet certain criteria including a statement of proof from a neurologist.

It also only allows minors to use the oil as a form of treatment.

However not everyone supports the proposal, some argue this controversial treatment should not be on the table.

“What I agree with is science, some science based research that would say here is the cause and effect by using this, we’ve measured it and this is a safe opportunity because we may be promoting an issue were it may be detrimental to someone’s child,” said Rep. Dave Schatz (R), from Sullivan.

The Missouri House passed the legislation with more than 135 yes votes, earlier in the day the Missouri Senate approved the proposal without any opposition.

The legislation now sits on the governor's desk for approval.

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