Group Organizes to Oppose Smoking Ban

Group Organizes to Oppose Smoking Ban

Stand Up St. Joe is made up of restaurant, bar and other business owners who oppose the proposed smoking ban.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) St. Joseph's proposed smoking ban ordinance now has organized opposition.

Stand Up St. Joe is a group of local bar, restaurant and other business owners against the ban.

The group has had a couple of organizational meetings and members plan to develop a strategy for a campaign to convince voters to vote no.

"We want to have the same playing field as everybody else," said Scott Tucker, co-owner of The Belt Sports Complex. "Right now, the way the smoke-free people and the riverboat have gotten together and put a situation together where they're going to allow the riverboat, competition to small business owners, to be able to allow cigarette smoking there.

Tucker says he would be more supportive of an indoor smoking ban if it were comprehensive.

He says exempting the gaming floor from the ban gives the casino a competitive advantage for customers over other entertainment venues.

As the proposal now reads, smoking would be banned from nearly all indoor public buildings except the gaming floor of the St. Joseph Frontier Casino.

Voters will decide the fate of the smoking ban in April.

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