Hundreds of Kids Ride Bikes, Tour St. Joe

Hundreds of Kids Ride Bikes, Tour St. Joe

The Kids Tour of St. Joseph gave kids the opportunity to ride their bikes for a good cause.
(ST. JOSEPH , Mo.) Some kids in town took a tour of St. Joseph by riding their bike this morning.

The Mark Reynolds Memorial Bike Fund hosted a kids tour of St. Joseph.

The organization hosts the bike ride several times each year to give kids exercise and to see where they live.

The ride is in honor of Mark Reynolds, who died riding his mountain bike in 2004.

Mark's mother, Dona, says the ride has many benefits.

"They have a great time," she said. "It gives a little bit of health exercise."

Today was the third series of rides this year.

Reynolds says they've had about 200 kids come out to ride so far.

They plan on donating bicycles to kids around the holiday season.

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