InterServ Opens Newborn Nursery

InterServ Opens Newborn Nursery

For the past year, InterServ has been working on a new nursery.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) InterServ is making room for some of its smallest clients.

For the past year, InterServ has been working on a new nursery.

"Babies just have a completely different schedule and completely different set of needs," said InterServ Project Manager Lea Parker.

The nursery's focal point is all about early development exercises and brain builders.

"They need that eye contact, they need that human touch, they need you to talk to them and talk back with them when they're talking," said InterServ infant teacher Heather Burton. "We want to  give them everything that they would get at home and more"

Early childhood care at the center is open to any and everyone.

"Makes it so much nicer for families to know that their babies are well cared for in a quality program," said Parker. "We're very close to Missouri Western so it's very convenient for mom's who are in school to drop babies off here and be able to go on to class and know that they're close by."

The lasting imprint these small infants have on the staff is priceless.

"It is a great feeling, really, to know that you were a part of their most important years," Burton.

There are still 12 spots open in the center's nursery.
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