Interserv Receives Free Fans from Heartland Hospital

Interserv Receives Free Fans from Heartland Hospital

The fans were donated as part of Heartland's "Be A Fan, Give A Fan" promotion.
(St. Joseph, Mo.) Interserv received more than 60 fans today as part of Heartland Hospital's "Be A Fan, Give A Fan" promotion.

For each fan Heartland receives on Facebook, Heartland has agreed to donate a fan to help those stay cool this summer.

"We have 1,027 fans on Facebook for this promotion, for the fans, and they have been so generous of wanting to help somebody in the community stay cool this summer," says Senior Marketing and Communication Consultant Marcy George.

Heartland donated 59 fans earlier this month bring the total to 119 fans this summer.

"We're hoping to help people who don't have air conditioning, who need fans, to try and move air in those homes, to at least keep ahead of the heat," says Randy Sharp, Associate Director of Operations at Interserv.

Heartland's promotion will continue through the month of August, but instead of donating fans, they will donate money. George says that way Interserv can decide what they want to do with the money.

For those in need of a fan, call Interserv at 816-232-7779.
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