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Kendallwood Hospice Hosts Garage Sale for Patients

Employees, from Kendallwood Hospice, hosted a garage sale to raise money for local patients.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Employees, from Kendallwood Hospice, hosted a two-day garage sale at Community Christian Church this weekend.

All money from this sale will go toward helping Kendallwood Hospice patients.

Patients, whose insurance may not cover all the needed necessities, will benefit from sale, along with those who do not qualify for government funding.

Workers said the amount of hospice patients who need assistance is on the rise.

The money raised from the garage sale would provide items for hospice families.

"Fans, baby monitors for families who need to keep a better eye on their loved ones. Specialized equipment for patients who need a special piece of equipment that's hard to come a hold of," said Amy Mears, Social Worker, Kendallwood Hospice.

They raised close to $1,000 from the sale.

If you would like to donate to Kendallwood Hospice, call (816) 232-2400, or visit the office at 443 South Belt Hwy in St. Joseph.
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