Local Winery to Add Tasting Room, Events

Local Winery to Add Tasting Room, Events

After four years of growing grapes, Tipple Hill Winery is now selling wine, joining around 100 other Missouri wineries in a growing statewide industry.
(EASTON, Mo.) Missouri's growing winery industry continues to expand with the addition of a northwest Missouri selection.

Tipple Hill Winery near Easton is in its first year of harvesting grapes and bottling wine. They hosted a ground breaking ceremony for a new tasting room that will be built.

500 grape vines have been growing for the past four years.

The first Tipple Hill wines are now being sold, showing what makes Missouri's wine flavor unique.

"It's probably the types of grapes that we grow here," said Roxanne Schreiber, co-owner of the winery. "They're not as popular as the California grapes, but they're learning. Wine drinkers are learning to appreciate the Missouri grapes."

There are now more than 100 wineries across Missouri.

"Missouri used to be one of the number one wine makers in the country," said Ulrike Hayes, a wine connoisseur for the winery. "When prohibition came, it kind of went out. We're coming back. We're getting strong again."

Tripple Hill wines are available at area grocery stores.

The tasting room should be complete by fall.

Staff say they plan special events for the facility including bands, grape stomping and other fun. The room will be available for rental.
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