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Students Plant Seeds of Success at Mark Twain Elementary

Students celebrated the opening of their community garden Monday.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Even though the sun wasn't shining Monday, the faces of students at Mark Twain Elementary sure were. 

They celebrated the opening of their community garden. 

A master gardener offered advice and city leaders even helped reinforce the importance of the community garden project. 

"It's a great benefit. It's great to see these kids leading beyond themselves and actually helping not only themselves but helping the community.  So, it's a great benefit for all," said Superintendent Fred Czerwonka.

Mark Twain is one of six schools in the district to receive grant money to get the project started. And, they're planting the seed for a long-term investment in healthy living. 

"Every year we're going to be re-planting the garden so every year all of the incoming kindergarteners will be able to participate and learn about gardening also," said school nurse Susie Farmer.

Weather kept them inside on their opening day, but it didn't stop them from getting started. 

"They're kind of disappointed today because they didn't get to plant the seeds because of all the rain but we'll get to that in a few days and they're going to love it," said Todd Shalz, teacher.

Each school gets to personalize their garden based on their own likes and needs.
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