Mid-Buchanan School Dismisses Early Due to High Heat

Mid-Buchanan School Dismisses Early Due to High Heat

Mid-Buchanan School in Faucett, MO dismissed early today and will have a noon dismissal on Friday.
( FAUCETT, MO. ) Mid-Buchanan School in Faucett had an early dismissal this afternoon. The school isn't fully air conditioned and with a heat advisory in effect students were dismissed at noon.

"Pretty much every fall we'll hit a streak of hot weather were we let school out early. Sometimes in the spring, but not nearly as often. Mostly it's a fall thing," said Mid-Buchanan superintendent  John James.

The school has air conditioning in less than half the classrooms. In 2008, the estimate to install air conditioning for the entire school was more than a million dollars. James says he hopes the school can get air conditioning soon.

"Now of course it will be a little higher than that with the increased costs and stuff. I would really expect us to take another look at it in the near future."

In the mean time, 5th grade teacher Sherri Kline tries a few different ways to provide relief.

"I have three stand fans or floor fans and a ceiling fan that go constantly. And we turn our overhead lights off and we've hung Christmas lights up. So I turn on the Christmas lights on to keep the heat down," said Kline.

By 10:30 Thursday morning, Kline's classroom thermometer went from 85 to 87 degrees in 10 minutes.
Kline notices the effect on her students.

"It's hard to motivate them. They're tired. They get kind of sluggish. It's hard for them to concentrate. And it's just because of the heat," added Kline.

Until the entire school is air conditioned, James says they will do what they can to make sure the students are safe.

"We do take precautions. We give them water breaks. We don't push them as hard in the activities and stuff on the hot days. And on the really hot days, we let them out."

With the heat advisory in effect until 8pm Friday, Mid-Buchanan will have a noon dismissal on Friday as well.

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