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Missouri Western Students Make Presentation on Heartland Virus

The presentation was for a communications class at the school. The Heartland Virus was discovered in St. Joseph in 2009.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Students in a communication's class at Missouri Western presented research on the Heartland Virus Monday afternoon.

The presentation introduced students to the rare disease that was discovered in St. Joseph.

The Heartland Virus was discovered by Dr. Scott Folk in 2009 and is caused by ticks.

The students presented their findings as part of a research project for a presentational communication class.

Junior Jodi Stamback says they chose to research the virus because of its local connection.

"That was one of the most fascinating parts of doing the research with this. It's something that is important because it is found in our own backyard," she said.

The students gave tips to prevent tick bites as well.

Stamback plans on researching it further and wants to meet Dr. Folk personally.

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