Mom Makes Natural Soap to Help Daughter

Mom Makes Natural Soap to Help Daughter

The Kansas mother has turned her natural soaps into a business.

(COLUMBUS, Kan.) Tricia Lilla's daughter was born with eczema. Her skin is very sensitive and every soap she purchased from the store would cause a painful break out. So, after researching online and using books, she created her own soap recipe. It's made of natural oils and her daughter can now take a bath without pain.     

"Patchy, scaly skin that was bleeding and the doctors put her on steroid cream. And I thought there has to be a better, more natural approach to this than putting steroids on a three-year-old," said Tricia Lilla, soap making mom.

Tricia also has been able to create a small business by selling natural soap. To learn more about the soap, you can visit Tricia's Gourmet Soaps Facebook page by clicking here.


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