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More Reports of Potholes with MoDOT Patrol

As part of their pothole patrol campaign, MoDOT has seen an increase in reports.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) MoDOT has seen an increase in pothole reports since beginning their pothole patrol on Monday.

The department says in January and February alone they received only 17 reports of potholes.

Since Monday, they have received 18 more.

Area engineer Mike Rinehart says his crews have been busy treating state roads and expect more calls to come in throughout the month.

"Obviously they can call year round but we wanted to have a concentrated effort knowing that coming out of a tough winter, those potholes are going to show up so now is the best time to fill those," he said.

The city of St. Joseph is also busy filling potholes.

Both MoDOT and the city say they are having to use a temporary cold mix to fill the holes while they wait for hot mix factories to open for the season.

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