National Fried Chicken Day Keeps Church's Busy

National Fried Chicken Day Keeps Church's Busy

Church's Chicken was busier than normal on Sunday due to National Fried Chicken Day.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.)  There are plenty of fried foods that we all enjoy but for one of them, Sunday was a special day.

Sunday was National Fried Chicken Day.  In honor of the special day, Churches Chicken in St. Joseph had a one day special of 8 pieces of mixed chicken for only $6.99.  Employees were ready for a bigger than normal crowd and delivered plenty of smiles along with their famous chicken.

"We've been a lot busier than normal so we've been trying to keep up on the chicken, make sure it's fresh, and be friendly to the customers.  Get them out as quick as possible and make sure they want to come back," said Shift Manager Ashley Fleming.

National Fried Chicken Day happens every July 6th.  And if you missed today's holiday, you can always celebrate next Sunday's food holiday...national french fry day.

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