Neighbors Rally Together After Savannah Fire Displaces Family

Neighbors Rally Together After Savannah Fire Displaces Family

After a fire tore through a Savannah home on Friday, neighbors are seeking clothes to help out the family.
(SAVANNAH, Mo.) A charred picture frame sits on the shelf of what used to be a living room.

The picture once inside is now destroyed, much like many things in a Savannah home that caught fire on Friday.

The family that lived here was not inside at the time of the fire, but both of their dogs were killed. All of their clothes and most of their belongings were also destroyed. Now despite the tragedy, a friendly neighbor is stepping in to help.

Tyler Throckmorton lives nearby. He did not know the family before the fire, but after finding out what they needed he asked for help on Facebook.

"Everybody started messaging me on Facebook and calling me at 9 o'clock at night," said Throckmorton. "I met some people at Subway here in Savannah. A lady was nice enough to donate a lot of clothes. It's amazing how people stick together in Savannah."

The Red Cross was also called in to help. Karla Long is the organization's disaster program manager. She said the Red Cross can only do so much, so community assistance is vital.

"We're there to make sure they have clothes to wear but we certainly don't replace their entire wardrobe," Long said. "We are just one piece of that. I like to say that it takes a community to help a family really recover from a disaster."

The family plans to set up a trust fund next week, but in the meantime, Throckmorton is asking for clothing.

"If I could spend some of my time to help somebody else out to ease their pain and suffering, that kind of makes me feel good about myself," he said.
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