No Luck for KQ2 Meteorologist in Mustangs' Mascot Race

No Luck for KQ2 Meteorologist in Mustangs' Mascot Race

Mike Bracciano has yet to win the KQ2 Mascot Head Race featured at St. Joseph Mustangs games.
(ST. JOSEPH) The St. Joseph Mustangs are known for creative in-game promotions, and general manager Ky Turner decided to include members of the KQ2 news team in a new one for the 2014 season. 

"We try to mix it up every year," he said. "I was watching college basketball and notice all the heads floating in the background. I knew we had some good candidates for big heads here in St. Joseph."

That's how the KQ2 Mascot Head Race was born, putting the mega-sized mugs of news director Bridget Blevins, chief meteorologist Mike Bracciano, and sports director Matt Tritten on display every night before the 7th inning. 

One trend in the results: Bracciano's head has yet to win any of the 23 races this year. It's a statistic he playfully can't help but wonder about. 

"I thought this would be a fun way to get our faces out in front of the crowd of Mustang fans and it'd be a fun, fair race," he said. "You would think that odds would be my head would win at least once."

Turner assured us that no special treatment had been given to runners sporting the Blevins or Tritten heads.

"We're honest in everything we do around here. This is a family atmosphere," he said. "There's no way we would treat Mike any differently. I think it's just a string of bad luck." 
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