NWMSU Hosts Town Hall Meeting on Alcohol Education

NWMSU Hosts Town Hall Meeting on Alcohol Education

The meeting comes just a few months after the Maryville City Council voted to not allow 19 and 20-year-olds to enter bars.
(MARYVILLE, Mo.) Another school year is winding down at Northwest Missouri State University. Students are cramming for finals, but for those returning next year and are under 21, they will see big changes when going to bars in town.

"There's definitely going to be an increase in house parties," said senior Wesley Rockwood.

In January, the Maryville City Council approved an ordinance that would ban anybody under 21 from entering bars in town, effective July 1st.

It's something the city and the University hopes will curb underage drinking.

"We really think that working with Northwest and our other community members, we will be able to make an impact," said Greg McDanel, City Manager of Maryville.

Wesley Rockwood is a Northwest student and says he thinks more underage students will simply drink at home.

"They have nothing to do now that they can't go to any bars," he said. "Fridays and Saturdays are going to be a mess up here in Maryville."

The University hopes students are safe during the transition.

"We encourage students that if they do choose to drink to be smart, safe and responsible and to know their limits," said Health Educator Jennifer Kennymore.

Northwest is hosting a town hall meeting with community members on Tuesday to hear concerns and educate students about alcohol. The meeting is hosted by MVPIP, a coalition at the school.

"We've kind of re-coined that group this last year so we want to introduce that group to the community and we also want to hear from the community about what they're seeing regarding underage and high-risk drinking," Kennymore said.

If the town hall meeting is successful, they hope to have more meetings with the community next fall.

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