Pop Up Business Turns Old Items Into New at Better Block

Pop Up Business Turns Old Items Into New at Better Block

A pop up business, Treasure Garden, showcased work at Better Block St. Joe. The company turns old, rugged items into household furniture.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) When you think of an old, broken and out-dated window, the initial reaction from most probably would not be to turn it into a chalk board - unless you are Samantha Taylor.

"We didn't really want to get rid of them because they have a lot of past to them but you didn't want to become a hoarder," said Taylor, owner of Treasure Gardens.

Instead of tossing them Taylor turns old, rugged items into something new.

"I began to turn my stuff into gardening, landscaping and decor within my house," she said.

Taylor spent the last five years building Treasure Gardens.

She was one of a few pop up businesses who showed off their work at Better Block St. Joe.

Better Block St. Joe was created to show people how downtown St. Joseph could be transformed.

"Downtown has a vintage and heritage of St. Joe, so why not bring the past with the future and try to make everything one happy place," Taylor said.

"I think they would enjoy the life that this little store would give it if it was here," said Debbie Honan, Samantha's mother.

Taylor will take anything that you could find on the side of the road and turn it into your everyday household item.

She hopes showcasing her work at Better Block will jump-start her career.

"Get my name out there. Get people used to who I am and my work. Maybe someday in the near future I can have a storefront and make this my actual career," said Taylor.

Taylor makes everything at her house in Stewartsville.

If you're interested in buying items, call (660) 215-0795 or email Sam.Honan@gmail.com.

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