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Security Upgrades Coming to Buchanan County Courthouse

Security changes are coming to the Buchanan County Courthouse. The upgrades will be completed April 16.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A few security changes are coming to the Buchanan County Courthouse.

There are new bars, with sensors, at the top of all exit doors. Also, there are new scan pads for employees, or law enforcement, to use when they enter the building.

Commissioners said the biggest upgrade is the employee parking lot.

They added new gates that only people with a key card can use.

They said downtown residents use the lot, when they are not supposed to, and they hope the new security will fix that problem.

"People that live around in the area, parking in our parking lot, and not having enough spots for our employees in the morning, when we get to work. So, it's going to eliminate it because the only way you can get in is by getting the arm raise up and getting a security card," said Ron Hook, Buchanan County Commission.

The upgrades cost about $60,000.

They are expected to be completed by April 16.
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