SJSD Changes Policy for Delinquent Lunch Payments

SJSD Changes Policy for Delinquent Lunch Payments

Previously, elementary students, more than three meals behind on their payments, were denied lunch. With Board of Education approval, a new "alternative" lunch will still be served, regardless of payment.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The St. Joseph School District on Monday voted to ensure all elementary students don't go hungry, regardless of their ability to pay.

During Monday's Board of Education meeting, members voted to allow students - behind in their lunch payments - to still get fed.

Before, students who were more than three meals behind in payments could have been refused a lunch. To avoid that problem, some teachers have chipped in and helped pay for their students' meals.

"We really believe if an 8-year-old isn't able to bring the money to school, it's not their fault," said Rick Hartigan, Chief Operating Officer for the St. Joseph School District. "They need to eat lunch, and so, every elementary child will eat lunch."

The alternative lunch for these students will be a cheese sandwich and a bottle of water.

Their families will still be charged for the lunch, though it will cost only 42 cents, compared to the $2.30 cost of a normal lunch in the elementary schools.

Currently, St. Joseph families owe more than $22,000 in back lunch payments.
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