SJSD Kitchen Managers Compete

SJSD Kitchen Managers Compete

Kitchen managers in the St. Joseph School District competed Tuesday to see who had the best recipe.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Kitchen managers in the St. Joseph School District rolled up their sleeves and competed to see who has the best recipe.
13 schools participated in the event and every dish had to include Tyson chicken.
The idea is one of many promotions from OPPA! which provides the school's meals.

Oppa! currently serves as food service manager for over 100 of the 122 Missouri public school districts that use food management services.

Leeann Blue, the kitchen manager at Bode Middle won and says she's excited and still in shock.

"I'm so excited, we're so excited because we had no idea. It was a group thing we'll do this and that and threw in some vegetables to make it healthy," says Blue.

"We're trying to find ideas and ways that are going to help to get kids in the cafeteria to eat better and healthy nutritious meals," says Tonya McCrea, Opaa Food Service Director.

The winning dish was buffalo chicken pizza.

Coaches in the district judged the recipes.

The dishes could be added as menu choices for kids in the district.

The winner will participate in the regional competition later this year.

To learn more about the SJSD lunch program, click here.
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