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Some Artifacts Stolen from St. Joseph Historic Home Recovered

Nearly $2,000 of antique hardware stolen from an historic St. Joseph home has been recovered from area antique stores.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Nearly $2,000 worth of valuable artifacts stolen from an historic St. Joseph home has been recovered.

Much of the hardware, door knobs and other fixtures from the Vineyard House, have been found thanks to some detective work by the St. Joseph Police Department.

Many of the pieces had been sold to local antique stores, where they were found.

"Unfortunately, they were sold to some dealers and they got them dirt cheap and they were turning them around and selling them dirt cheap," said realtor Lisa Rock, who specializes in older homes.

The home dates back to 1889 and had been hit by a thief who had stripped much of the metalwork from the home.

A St. Joseph man, 40-year-old Clint Mechling, was arrested in the case.
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