St. Joseph City Council Begins Budget Talks

St. Joseph City Council Begins Budget Talks

Last month's city council election featured talk of more money for roads. Now that it's time for budget talks, it's time to deliver.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) St. Joseph city leaders are beginning the challenging process of coming up with a budget for next year.

At its first work session Tuesday afternoon, the council learned of what revenues the city receives and where the major expenditures are.

This was important education for St. Joseph's two new council members, Ken Beck and Kent "Spanky" O'Dell, who are entering their first budget process.

As the major discussion during elections last month, it is all about finding money for street repairs.

"We're going to find it," said O'Dell. "Everybody is going to know that we're finally going to get something done with the streets. We're going to be getting some budgeting done."

"My conversations with other individuals have indicated one of their priorities during the election was streets," said Beck. "It is important for us to come up with some sort of funding or some mechanism."

City Manager Bruce Woody says very little of the city's overall revenue can be moved to other parts of the budget without hurting other departments.

He says money for roads would most likely have to come from gaming revenues or cell phone dollars.

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