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St. Joseph Crews, Residents Ready for Spring

While this weather is nothing new some workers and residents, some say they're ready for the flowers to bloom.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The machines are back on the plow, again.

We're midway through winter, but the spree of cold temperatures and snow fall has some people asking, 'will spring ever come?'

"Ready for spring. Yes, very much so," said Spencer Tracy.

Tracy, with the City of St. Joseph, said his workers rotate 12-hour shifts to remove all the snow from emergency routes and neighborhoods.

"We go out, we plow the streets. We got a crew out cleaning sidewalks so the people can cross the streets, cleaning the ramps off. Keep people safe," said Tracy.

That's basically the same routine they go through every time snow comes.

It's also close to what the Missouri Department of Transportation crews do.

They were out early clearing streets and highways. They, too, are ready for a little sun.

"I think everybody's probably ready for spring at this time. We've had some cold, frigid temperatures, and I think everybody would probably like to see some sunshine and warm weather," said Marty Liles of MoDot.

Locals also woke up early to clear sidewalks and driveways.

"It gets a little bit annoying, but living in the midwest, you deal with it. It's part of it," said Jo Schierbaum.

That doesn't mean it's something they enjoy.

Schierbaum says it's frustrating when people in the neighborhood don't shovel their sidewalks.

"You look all the way down the street and nobody's done anything," said Schierbaum.

It's safe to say, some people around town are fed up with the snow, despite being used to it.

It may be fun to play in, but residents like Schierbaum say there's nothing like springtime.

"Get here so I can be outside with my dogs, friends, and cookout, and you know, that sort of thing," said Schierbaum.

Spring begins March 20.

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