St. Joseph School Board Members Show Frustrations

St. Joseph School Board Members Show Frustrations

During Monday's meeting, there were heated exchanges between Board of Education members Chris Danford and Martin Rucker related to recent controversies in the school district.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Frustrations over months of controversy in the St. Joseph School District boiled over during Monday's evening.

There was an impassioned discussion between board members Chris Danford and Martin Rucker over investigations, stories in the media and accusations against board members and staff.

"We can not be constantly bad-mouthing our administration, cutting to the bone those that we do not agree with because everybody has an opinion in this room," Rucker said. "Everybody thinks they're right. But that doesn't mean you can force your opinion on me and I'm wrong. In our classrooms today, we call that bullying."

"I did not ask the state to come conduct an audit," Danford said. "I did not bring the FBI here. They're here. I did not bring a federal grand jury here that subpoenaed a boat-load of stuff, but they did. I did not start a lawsuit that is against the district. Though we have many good things that are going on with our kids and teachers and staff, clearly there are entities out there that think we have some things to clean up."

No word on the progress of the FBI investigation. A wrongful termination suit filed by former CFO Beau Musser will be heard in Buchanan County Court in August.
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