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St. Joseph Veteran Receives Service Award

John Grimes received the Veteran's Service Award for serving the community for more than two decades.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A St. Joseph veteran was recognized for his many years of service to our nation, but specifically, for his work in the community.

John Grimes received the Veteran's Service Award from Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder.

Grimes served spent 30 years as a Master Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and Reserves.

Since his retirement, he spends his days volunteering in St. Joseph.

Throughout his years of service, he has worked alongside the East Hills Library Manager who nominated him for the award.
"He volunteers with the Military Heritage Museum in the past. He's volunteered with the toys program for kids. We've built bicycles, he's volunteered with the Genealogical Society. I don't know what all he's done. He just does a lot. He puts his money into it, he puts his effort into it, it's just amazing," said Steven Olson, East Hills Library Manager.

The award is for Missouri veterans who provide outstanding volunteer service to their communities.

Grimes was one of 16 veterans who were honored at the ceremony.

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