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Steak & Avocodo Wraps

Steak & Avocado Tortilla Wraps
Steak & Avocodo Wraps

- 1 lb steak, such as sirloin cut into small pieces
- 2-3 avocodos, deseeded and fruit scooped out
- 6-8 cherry tomatoes, diced
- 3 spring onions, diced
- 1 clove garlic, minced
- Juice of 2 limes, divided into two bowls
- 2 - 3 chili peppers,such as bell or jalapeno, diced
- 1 lb mushrooms, sliced
- 5-6 tablespoons butter
- 1 tablespoon ground cumin
- 1 cup coarsley chopped cilantro
- Tortilla wraps
- Salt and pepper to taste

- Season steak pieces with salt and pepper, add cumin and coat well.
- Heat butter in skillet on med high heat.
- Add steak and cook untill steak is medium, 4-5 minutes, remove and set aside.
- Without draining pan, add mushrooms and peppers and cook, 6-7 min, remove from pan and toss with steak
- In a large bowl, place avacodo fruit
- Add onions, tomatoes, juice of one lime, and garlic, mash with fork and season with salt
- Spread avacodo mix on wrap, add 1/2 cup steak,pepper and mushroom mix and top with 1/8 cup cilantro, fold and serve
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