Still Cold, But Looking Forward to a Warm Up

Still Cold, But Looking Forward to a Warm Up

We are expecting temperatures to be warmer, but that's going to be mostly by the end of the week. We still need to persevere through some continuing cold days.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) If you've been hearing the rumors of a warmup, I urge you to be patient.

It's coming; just not today. And probably not tomorrow either.

Today we will see a nice bit of sunshine, but the air is still a little too cold and the airflow in the upper levels is still reinforcing that cold air.

Wednesday looks to be the transition day between the cold early week and warmer late week/weekend.

With a high near freezing, Wednesday will also be accompanied by a chance for some snow flurries and light snow.

By Thursday, however, mass melting will occur thanks to highs getting easily into the 40s.

Even warmer temperatures are ahead for the weekend. But I remind you: be patient.

We're not there yet.
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