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Students Enjoy Summer of Learning

At Hosea Elementary School in St. Joseph, kids prefer summer school over summer vacation.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) While kids enjoy their time away from the classroom this summer, students at Hosea Elementary in St. Joseph are actually having their fun inside the classroom.

Cooking, science, and arts and crafts classes are what kids take during summer school at Hosea.

"They signed up to come for some fun activities to deal with math, reading, and science, and we actually incorporate those into our cooking and science.  I don't think they notice it as much but we notice that they are getting the reading and writing that they need," said art teacher Marcie Toot.

Students had a good time making lava lamps but there was much more to it.

"It kind of incorporates a little bit of science and measurements and predictions, and just a lot of learning involved with it," said teacher Kristi Kerns.

Even though students are having fun, teachers have a bigger picture in mind.

"These are life skills. More of life experience. How do we use math, how do we use reading in actual real world environments. So that's kind of what these kids are getting from this," said Toot.

Summer school isn't required for most of the students, they just want to be there. And teachers have noticed some students reach even higher in the following school year.

"A lot of the time I have seen some kids that will improve in certain areas, like their achievement level has gone up a little because they want to do it and so they want to figure out how to do it," said Toot.

Hosea has seen an increase in students signing up for summer school over the past several years.
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