Students Learn Lessons in the Garden

Students Learn Lessons in the Garden

For the past eight weeks, kids have been harvesting their own crops and learning about horticulture.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) When it comes to getting down and dirty to dig up the perfect potato, 9-year-old Gabe Swindler is a pro.

He's one of more than a dozen kids participating in a 10-week youth gardening program called Garden 'n Grow.

"We're learning how to plant and take care of gardens," said Swindler.

Guided by master gardeners, the group learns about horticulture along with the full cycle of growing vegetables.

Once the crops are ready, they bag them up and head over to the scale.

"When we harvest, we count and weigh so we keep track of how much we're getting out of the garden," said horticulture specialist Tom Fowler.

Fowler says it's important for kids like Swindler to learn how to grow their own food early on.

He says it's rewarding to watch kids work hard at such a young age.

"If you look around, you can see they're pretty excited to get out," Fowler said.

And for Swindler the most exciting part is seeing the fruits of his labor.

Garden 'n Grow is for kids ages 9 to 13.

The kids take home their crops and donate the rest to the Food Kitchen.
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