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Students Learn Ways to "Stomp Out Bullying"

Students at Hall Elementary are learning ways to prevent bullying at school.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Bullying in schools can vary from to physical abuse to name-calling.

Teachers say, it's difficult to monitor everything in their classrooms and on the playground.

Students at Hall Elementary are learning how to spot bullying, and report it, in "Stomp Out Bullying" week.

Teachers and staff found creative ways to show students what to do if they see or hear reports about bullying.

They decorated classroom doors with a theme of their choice, and participated in daily themes like "would you be my friend if I dressed this way."

If a student sees a classmate being bullied, they're taught to tell them to stop, and immediately tell an administrator.

Teachers and staff said they will then act accordingly.

"We'll start with the investigation, and talking to the students, trying to find out if there's witnesses involved. Communicating, you know, any concerns with parents, then following the district policy," said Heather Gladhart, Hall Elementary Principal.

Teachers and staff said they rely on students to be an extra pair of eyes.

They want kids to know if they see someone being bullied, or if they are bullied, it's OK to let someone know.

This is only the beginning of our look into bullying in schools.

We'll have an in-depth series in February on KQ2.

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