Teens Face Trouble After Drinking on School Property Overnight

Teens Face Trouble After Drinking on School Property Overnight

Five teens were given underage drinking citations after police found them drinking at Lafayette High School early Monday morning.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) It's a tradition gone wrong for some students at Lafayette High School.

Five teens were caught early Monday morning drinking outside of the school.

The school's principal, Tyran Sumy, said in years past outgoing seniors have been known to camp out outside of the school as graduation approaches, but says they do not condone any activity at the school without supervision.

Officers were called to the school just after 2:00 a.m. Monday when they received a call of teens making noise on the school's roof. When they got there, officers discovered a much larger crowd.

"They found a pretty large group that was in all actuality camping out on the football field and they began to check the individuals and noticed that several of them were in possession of alcohol," said Captain Jeff Wilson with the St. Joseph Police Department.

Five teens were cited for possessing alcohol. One of the teens, Marcus Simbro, 18, was arrested after he tried to get away from police. Police say Simbro told officers he had not been drinking, but had been smoking marijuana. He failed a breath test when officer's asked for a breath sample.

The St. Joseph Police Department said this is a busy time of year for catching teens drinking.

"Naturally it slowly warms up as the weather warms up," Wilson said. "It's something that we focus on."

Sumy said Lafayette has a copy of the police report and the school will treat the matter internally. The school has not had the opportunity to speak with all of the students involved yet.

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