Three Arrested After Fight, Toy Gun Pulled

Three Arrested After Fight, Toy Gun Pulled

St. Joseph Police responded to a fight just after noon on Wednesday. One suspect pulled a gun, which turned out to be a pellet gun.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) An attempted burglary left three people arrested on Wednesday after a fight broke out near 30th and Locust.

Police said two men tried to break into a garage, when a man confronted the two. The three men got into a scuffle where it moved to 30th and Messanie.

Police were called after a gun was pulled by the man that confronted the two burglars.

Investigators first believed the handgun was authentic, but after looking further, discovered it was a toy pellet gun.

Nobody was shot.

Two men were arrested on burglary charges, while the third was arrested for pulling the weapon.
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