Waste Product Spills, Closes 759

Waste Product Spills, Closes 759

A waste product from a dump truck closes portion of roadway near Bluff View Road.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) A National Beef truck carrying sludge to a waste facility in south St. Joseph spilled the product on Hwy 759 near Bluff View Road around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning.

George Albert, Emergency Manager for the city of St. Joseph, said the dump truck's back broke loose and spilled the waste across the roadway.

Albert said it is not an environmental concern, but it did close the roadway.

Crews worked through the morning to remove the sludge.

"We have a major road closed right here at business times when everybody is trying to get in and out," Albert said. "The material is frozen so it's going to be a little problem getting it off."

59 Hwy opened back a few hours after the removal.
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