Danford Lends an Ear to St. Joe Residents

Danford Lends an Ear to St. Joe Residents

Chris Danford is hoping her first run in the political arena can land her in a position to help kids.
ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- In Chris Danford's office, you'll notice a lot of green.

"It's my favorite color," said Chris Danford, a candidate for the St. Joseph Board of Education.

There are green tape dispensers, green purse, green flowers. She even drives a green Ford Escape, on the front of which has a simple message.

"Because I listen as a school counselor," said Danford. "I listen as a school board candidate."

Danford's office at the Family Investment Center shows her many accomplishments. Two of them are degrees in elementary and special education from Missouri Western State University.

She has a Master's Degree from Northwest Missouri State University.

Danford knows the rivalry is strong between the two, but getting further education in a field she's passionate about is worth it.

 "My heart and passion is that each and every child has the opportunities that they can have to be successful."

She started working in the St. Joseph school district in 1979 as a fourth and fifth grade teacher. Now, she's retired and entering the political ring for the first time, hoping her 20 years of experience counseling will make her a good candidate.

"We need to listen to the citizens and what their desires, what their wants are, and what their concerns are, too," said Danford.

Just one of the changes she hopes to make if elected on April 3rd. Lending an open ear has been a constant message from Danford in several school board functions.

"I think the board and the district feel like they do a pretty good job in communicating with the citizens of St. Joseph," said Danford. "But I think there is a lot of miscommunication and maybe the citizens feeling like they aren't getting all the information."

As an elected member of the public, Danford is hoping she can show residents she's ready to be their candidate.

She is already getting stopped at the grocery store. But it's hard to blend in when you drive a lime green Ford Escape.
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