Dogs Get Pampered for Good Cause

Dogs Get Pampered for Good Cause

Dirty dogs have rolled into Spring Garden Middle School all week long, and the students couldn't be happier.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Volunteers lined up on S. 22nd street in St. Joseph, looking for customers.

"It's for a good cause and the money's going to help save dogs at the animal shelter so it's really worth it," said 7th grader, Sydney Johnson.

The dog wash was the brainchild of Ms. Gibson's Service Learning class at Spring Garden Middle School. She wanted the kids to see the difference they could make.

"They are so happy, they're like smiling when you wash them," said 7th grader Melanie Murphy.

Customers ranged in size from just 7 inches to more than 100 pounds. The kids scrubbed dogs until they were clean. Some dogs were more willing than others.

"Some of them liked it, some of them not so much. You could tell the ones that liked it because  they wouldn't get out of the bathtub," said Johnson.

The money they raised goes to Friends of the Animal Shelter of St. Joseph. Their goal for the week was $100, but they have already raised $300 for homeless animals.

"I'm real proud of all the kids for all their hard work in this area, i truly believe they've made a difference," said their teacher, Shelly Gibson.

The kids enjoyed washing the dogs.  At the same time they learned about giving back.

"They're so cute and cuddly and they're all wet and they try to shake all over you," said Murphy.

Today was the last day of summer school, but not the last day these students will volunteer in the community.  The kids say they plan to continue helping out and they think other students should do the same year round.

"I feel proud because we are saving lives for other dogs," said Murphy.
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