Drain Art on Display at Trails West

Drain Art on Display at Trails West

Community volunteers showed off their artistic skills, while promoting their concern for water and environmental conservation.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The drains at Trails West are now works of art.

Community volunteers used them as a canvas to show off their art skills, while promoting the importance of conserving water and the environment.

"We all use water to survive. And, if we contaminate that water, we're not only contaminating what we drink and what we cook with, but we're contaminating the water that the animals drink and live in," said Charly Brewer.

The Drain Art Experience is a live, interactive project that volunteers, along with the city council, planned for months.

"It's been a really good response in showing people that you can use different media, different canvasses, to use artistic skills and be able to just be creative and being able to be artists in many different ways," said Debbie Flugrad.

Three drains were painted. One allowed kids of all ages, even adults, to grab a paintbrush and go to work.

The other two represent animals that are native to Missouri.

"The design that I had when we were painting it, I wanted the drain outlet to be the mouth of the catfish, and he's a Widemouth Catfish. And then the Blue Heron is an abstract design. I thought it would create some conversation. I thought it would be really good for people to see an abstract design instead of something traditional," said Flugrad.

The art will be washed off on Monday, and that is not something the people of St. Joseph are happy about.

"I've encouraged people to let the city council know, or let people from the waterworks department know that," Flugrad said. "Just let their voice be know that they like this, they like what they're seeing, they like the creativity, and they like the message that's being put out there to the community."

The message is pretty simple; Don't throw trash in the drains.
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