Dry Summers Won't Slow Down Area Wineries

Dry Summers Won't Slow Down Area Wineries

The grapes harvest in Northwest Missouri is nothing to whine about.
(MOUND CITY, Mo.) The grapes harvest in Northwest Missouri is nothing to whine about.
Nine wineries came out to Mound City on Saturday for the fourth annual Great Northwest Wine Festival.

"Everybody's having a great time drinking good wines, eating good food, and buying goodies-galore. We're just having a wonderful day," said Winefest Coordinator Marilyn Alldredge.

As weather conditions change, so do the grapes, as well as the wine they produce.
And even though Northwest Missouri experienced a severe drought toward the end of the harvest, it did not have a negative impact on their business.

"Grapes kinda tend to like the dry, and so I only had to go over there once and water, and like I said they did fantastic," said Tipple Hill Winery Co-Owner Roxann Schreiber.
"It's been a bit of an unusual summer, it's been dry. And our vineyard is a little untypical. We have it irrigated. Actually dry weather and windy weather is the best thing you can have for grapes," said Vineyard Owner Joe Laukemper.

A couple of local growers say their harvest was successful this year. 

"The vines are growing like weeds, so it seems like it was really a fantastic summer for harvest," said Schreiber.
"They will do better because they're very disease prevalent. They're very mold prevalent if it's too wet. So you kind of want it dry for them," said Laukemper.

In fact, Laukemper had plants this harvest that produced as high as 40 pounds per plant.
His vineyard has 2,200 plants that in total produced ten tons. 

"We actually irrigated part of ours in August when it got really hot and i think we were able to produce more. We produced more, this is 8 years that we've had our grapes, and we've produced more each year," said Laukemper.

This year's Great Northwest Missouri Wine Festival lasted from noon until 8 P.M.
And visitor's received an etched wine glass for attending the event.

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