Elementary Students Paint for Bullying Week

Elementary Students Paint for Bullying Week

Students at Skaith Elementary school painted as part of a school-wide art project. The project is part of the school's anti-bullying week.
(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Kindergarteners at Skaith Elementary school in St. Joseph painted for a cause on Tuesday.

The students designed popsicle sticks as part of the school's anti-bullying week.

"We thought it would be a good idea to raise awareness for any kind of bullying that may be going on," school counselor Janet Elrod said.

With the recent allegations of bullying in the NFL, the topic has come to the forefront throughout the country. Skaith decided to have the week as part of an ongoing lesson plan in getting along.

"There are consequences for bullying and if we can get students to report that bullying, then we can take care of it," Elrod said.

The popsicle sticks give students the opportunity to work together to create a bigger artistic picture.

The project goes along with the school's word of the day, synergize.

"It means you work as a team," kindergarten student Mack said.

The school hopes these lessons will prevent bullying at school and in the future.

The finished popsicle picture will be finished in a couple weeks and displayed in an area where many students can see it.
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